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Wealth Insights Switzerland & Germany

Swift and insightful communications underpinned our business's success in the early 1800's, an advantage we used for the benefit of our clients. Now in the seventh generation of family control, this rich history of correspondence continues.


Our Investment Approach

Presenting our thinking and commitment when managing your wealth, Our Investment Approach details how our two investment philosophies: market-focused (Mosaique), and company-focused (New Court), are designed to help achieve our clients' goals.

Asset allocation

In our latest edition of Mosaique Views we explain our current positioning by asset class, region, sector and currencies including the reasoning behind our investment decisions.

Dealing with uncertainty

In the latest edition of our tri-annual Mosaique Insights publication, we look at the challenges we face as long-term investors during 2020's pandemic. We discuss the potential rebirth of the historically unloved pharmaceutical industry and bring insights on how "Big Tech" is investing in the rapidly evolving healthcare sector.


With updates from our Global Investment Strategist, CIO and Head of Investment & Portfolio Advisory, these videos are designed to bring you up-to-speed on our latest thoughts and analyses in a concise and comprehensive format. For clients only, please click here for our password-protected video-reviews.


Our latest Market Perspective and Strategy blog, written by Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner, makes sense of the current macroeconomic environment and reflects on what it means for our clients' portfolios.

Industry 4.0

At the core of Industry 4.0 lies interconnectivity, automation and artificial intelligence, which can lead to significantly reduced manufacturing costs. In our latest Instant Insights as well as a separate Q&A on talking robots, we discuss how this industry trend is set to change the global economy in profound ways. 

Notes from a Big Country

With the clock counting down to voting day, in our interview with a Washington D.C.-based policy consultant as well as a New York-based fintech founder we capture some of the latest sentiment on the ground. As investors, we remain neutral on matters of politics and our interest in such affairs is narrow – specifically that of policy and its potential effect on the companies we hold in portfolios.

A response to COVID-19

In this Investment Views we interview with Dr. Bruno Eschli, Investor Relations Officer at the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, we learn about the challenges of developing a vaccine for COVID-19, the pharmaceutical sector’s response to the crisis and how it could impact the industry’s reputation.

Monthly Market Summary

Our Monthly Market Summary covers the key events across the major regions and asset classes to give a compact yet comprehensive review of the past month.

Market Perspective

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