In an environment where short-term thinking often dominates, our long-term perspective sets us apart. Our founding family are one of the few to have successfully preserved their wealth over many generations and we aim to replicate this success for our clients. 

Your plan

We understand the necessity of preserving your wealth across generations, while ensuring that each one may benefit from it. From wealth preservation to income generation, from meticulous legacy planning to managing family issues, we demonstrate experience and know-how.


Your natural partner


With a 200-year history as a family-controlled business, we have identified the key elements to prosper over generations. Our experienced teams and our network composed of the most qualified professionals offer us the agility and adaptability necessary to your specific situation and objectives. Our family model and our entrepreneurial spirit enable us to build a long-term relationship of trust and proximity with our clients. Our uniqueness is part of this family banking DNA. This rare quality of relationship strengthens the trust that our clients give us, often from generation to generation. These characteristics make us a natural partner for successful families.


Creating a multigenerational plan

You might find it helpful to use our wealth framework to divide your wealth into different 'pots', each with a range of objectives driven by accessibility, target returns and risk tolerance.

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