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Banking & lending services

We want to give our clients the Rothschild & Co experience. They can pick up the phone at any point for any type of financial need and we will find a way to help them."

Client Adviser Katharine Taylor

More than just investments

While investing is our core focus, our clients benefit from our broader approach to wealth management. We’re able to utilise in-house banking and lending capabilities to meet your short-term cash needs and deliver outstanding outcomes under unique circumstances.

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Tailored services

We focus on finding solutions for our clients rather than selling them products with complex criteria. So, whether it's a large mortgage or the ability to borrow against your portfolio at short notice, we’ll tailor our wealth management services to you.

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International private banking

Wherever you are in the world, our offshore team is here to make managing your money simple and secure. We’ll provide you with the flexibility and control you need, backed by our experience in navigating different jurisdictions and international markets.

Our banking & lending services

Portfolio lending

We can arrange and provide loans against investment portfolios. While our terms are competitive, the real benefit is flexibility and being able to act swiftly.

Residential property lending

We specialise in high-value mortgages ranging from £5 million to £100 million in the UK and Channel Islands.

Banking services

We offer clients a range of banking services from current accounts to fixed deposit accounts and more.

Real Estate Debt Management

Real Estate Debt Management (REDM) arranges loan facilities secured by UK commercial real estate, mainly in the industrial, logistics, office, healthcare, retail and leisure sectors.

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Our Client Advisers are a great sounding board for all your financial questions. Below we answer some of the most common questions they have been asked.

What is private banking?

Private banking is the provision of personalised banking and financial services, usually to affluent individuals. It can offer a range of services beyond traditional banking, including investment management, estate planning, tax advisory and wealth management.

Private bankers provide one-on-one guidance and expertise to clients, helping them achieve their financial goals, preserve and grow their wealth and navigate complex financial matters. Privacy, confidentiality and tailored solutions are used to meet the needs of wealthy individuals.

Do I qualify for private banking?

Qualifying for private banking typically requires a significant level of wealth or income. While the specific requirements can vary among institutions, private banking services are generally targeted towards high net worth (HNW) individuals or those with substantial investable assets.

Private banks have different eligibility criteria and it is best to contact the institution directly to see if you meet their requirements.

What is lending versus borrowing?

Lending and borrowing are two sides of a financial transaction. Lending involves providing money or resources to someone else, typically with the expectation of receiving repayment with interest over time. Lenders can be individuals, banks or financial institutions.

Borrowing is obtaining funds or resources from a lender with the commitment to repay the borrowed amount, usually with interest. Borrowers can be individuals, businesses or governments. The money borrowed can be used to fund personal expenses, investments or business expansion.


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