Preservation of biodiversity

We believe in preserving and protecting the resilience of our planet.

A nature-positive approach that supports regeneration, resilience and recirculation forms part of our environmental management philosophy. By integrating ESG considerations in our product and service development, we are seeking to play a role in capital allocation towards nature positive solutions.


Operational management priorities

Sustainable material use

  • We champion responsible consumption of resources and materials, such as energy, paper and water

Responsible value-chain

  • Increase responsible sourcing and responsible value-chain management

Facts and figures at a glance

For more information and data, please refer to our Sustainability Report

Material Use
(in tonnes)


Water consumption
(in m3)


Recycling rate
(% materials Disposed)​


Consumption data

Improving our resource management

Since 2014, the New Court office has participated in the Corporation of London's Clean City Awards Scheme. The scheme is open to all businesses based in the City of London. It aims to develop partnerships with City businesses by raising the profile of responsible waste management and recognising and rewarding best practice.

Since Rothschild & Co's participation, it has incrementally improved its waste prevention and management and has been awarded in:

  • 2014 and 2015, the Gold Standard
  • 2016, the Gold Standard with Special Commendation
  • 2017, the Platinum Award
  • 2018, shortlisted for the Chairman's Cup and achieved the Platinum Award
  • 2018, winner of the Plastic Free City Award
  • 2019, winner of the Zero Waste Platinum Award (Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management)
Resource and recycling management
Resource disposal in tonnes 2021
Anaerobic digestion 20.2
Composted 7
Incinerated energy recovery 188.6
Landfilled 24.4
Re-used -
Recycled 103.4
Total 343.5
Total disposal tonnes/FTE 0.09
Water management
Water consumption in m3 2021
Total water consumption 39,837
m3/FTE 10.64
Materials use
Materials use in tonnes 2021
Recycled content/sustainable sources 92
Non-recycled content/non-sustainable sources 11.5
Total materials consumption 103.5
Tonnes/FTE 0.03

Products and services

The integration of considerations about the environmental impact of our products and services is key to ensuring sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy.

Philanthropic partnership

R&Co4Generations is Rothschild & Co’s platform for supporting social and environmental causes, locally and globally. Find out more about our global flagship partnership with an environmental focus.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our expectation for respect of fundamental ethical, social and environmental principles in doing business with Rothschild & Co, including a supplier’s relations with its own employees and subcontractors or any other related entities and organisations forming part of the engagement.

Sustainability Report 2021

More detailed information about governance, facts & figures, and performance targets.