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Wealth Management - United Kingdom & Channel Islands

We work with the world's most successful entrepreneurs, families and charities to preserve and grow their wealth.

The family is in its seventh generation which allows us to have a long-term view, both in the way we invest for our clients, but also in the investment we can make in our clients."

CEO Wealth Management UK Helen Watson

The art of the long view

In an environment where short-term thinking often dominates, our long-term perspective sets us apart. Our founding family are one of the few to have successfully preserved their wealth over many generations and we aim to replicate this success for our clients. 

WHO WE work with


Whether you're from a successful entrepreneurial family or you're starting out on your own, it's never too early to seek sound advice. Whatever stage of your entrepreneurial journey you're at, we're here to support you.


With a 200-year history as a family-controlled business, we know what it takes to sustain wealth for the families and descendants of wealth creators. We know that your capital is precious and irreplaceable, and we'll treat it as such.


From funding your philanthropic goals to forecasting future spending, we'll partner with you with a long-term horizon, investing sustainably on your behalf to ensure you have a lasting impact for generations to come.

What we do

We look after your wealth as if it were our own, investing and advising you in the pursuit of your long-term goals.

Advice & planning

Whether it's providing an income, careful estate succession planning or navigating complex family issues, our Client Advisers will serve as your trusted guides.


We build portfolios designed to meet your objectives, targeting inflation-beating returns in good times, while providing protection in more difficult periods.

Banking & lending

From freeing up capital through portfolio lending, to specialist mortgages and banking services, we'll tailor our services to help you make the most of your wealth.

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The big ideas and important details behind our approach to your wealth.

Market volatility

19 May 2022 | 6 mins

Following the biggest one-day fall in US stock markets since mid-2020, Kevin Gardiner examines some of the factors influencing market volatility and considers whether, in an environment of low consumer confidence and inflationary pressures, economic growth can still continue.

The Great Illusion

9 May 2022 | 12 mins

The events in Ukraine have unseated many people's faith in the strength of Western democratic and diplomatic stability. However, in this Market Perspective, we discuss how both the geopolitical, and indeed economic, impact of the crisis may not be as bleak as many assume.

Macro update

14 April 2022 | 7 mins

Almost two months after the initial invasion, the ultimate conclusion of the Russia-Ukraine crisis remains uncertain. While the knock-on effect on energy supplies remains a concern, robust growth and labour markets provide some optimism as we await the realisation of more substantive interest rate rises.