From forecasting future spending and funding your goals, to navigating environmental, social and governance issues, we can help preserve your charity's capital, while acting as a sounding board and adviser to help fulfil your obligations.

We tend to partner with charities with a long-term horizon, investing sustainably on their behalf to ensure they have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Our investment approach

Our objective is to preserve and grow the wealth of our clients over multiple generations. Through our investments, we aspire to preserve both the wealth of future generations and the environment and society they will inherit.

Our approach to ESG

We've always invested in long-term, sustainable business. To discover how environmental, social and governance issues are embedded in our approach, please review our ESG report.

Building from the bottom up

We often speak about our bottom-up investment approach. However, in this Quarterly Letter, we (ironically) take a look at this approach from a top-down perspective, outlining our investment objective, as well as the people and processes that work to achieve this.

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The big ideas and important details behind our approach to preserving your wealth for the long term.


Changing your mind

29 June 2022 | 14 mins

While the overriding narrative often deems ‘sticking to one’s guns’ as an admirable choice, as investors, we recognise the value of altering one’s approach where necessary. In this Quarterly Letter we discuss the language and psychology behind this phenomenon, and why changing your mind is so essential to long-term investing.

Market volatility - June update

15 June 2022 | 8 mins

While dramatic daily fluctuations in stock market indices are alarming, the current volatility in bond markets is perhaps even more concerning. In this Strategy Blog we examine the relationship between these asset classes amid this challenging investment landscape.

Peak house prices?

30 May 2022 | 7 mins

Property prices have surged to record levels. However, amid rising interest rates, supply-side issues, and ongoing inflationary pressure, investing in real estate looks increasingly risky. In this Strategy blog, we examine the factors underpinning this appetite from investors, and how long we can expect it to last.