• An independent long-term perspective in innovative investment solutions, designed around the needs of each and every client.

  • Asset Management offers an independent long-term perspective in bespoke asset management solutions, designed around the needs of each and every client.

    We are a global multi-specialist asset manager, delivering bespoke investment management and advisory services to institutional clients, financial intermediaries, and third-party distributors.

    Complementary expertise

    Our complementary fields of expertise include:  Active/conviction Management, Open Architecture Solutions and Risk-Based Solutions.

    Resolutely client-first, we know that consistent performance can only be realised in the long term.

    While other asset managers are involved in proprietary trading and brokerage activities, we are truly independent in our security selections. This way, we can pursue long-term strategies that are free from conflict of interest and build truly lasting partnerships with our clients.

  • Asset Management Europe

    Developed in Europe, our conviction asset management expertise covers a large range of strategies, including European equities, large small and mid-cap, thematic as well as fixed income and balanced funds. 

    Our investment style is characterised by a long-term, high-conviction approach, which is reflected by taking strong positions in certain securities, sectors and thematic areas.

    Asset Management North America

    Offering North American clients a range of US equity strategies managed by Rothschild & Co Asset Management Inc. as well as risk-based index strategies by Rothschild & Co Risk Based Investments LLC.