• Legal information

    Legal information

    You have just accessed the website at www.rothschildandco.com published and hosted by Rothschild & Co.

    Company name: Rothschild & Co SCA

    French partnership limited by shares (société en commandite par actions) with a share capital of 154,645,024 euros

    Trade and companies registry: Paris No. 302 519 228

    Intra-Community VAT number: FR88 302 519 228

    Registered office: 23 bis avenue de Messine, 75008 Paris, France.

    Publication manager: Caroline Nico

    Telephone No.: +33 (0)1 53 77 65 10

    Email address: caroline.nico@rothschild.com


    1 - Access to the Website

    By using this Website, you acknowledge that you have the skills and resources required to gain access to and to use the Website.

    Rothschild & Co may not be held liable for events beyond its control or for any damage to your technical environment and in particular to your computers, software, network and other equipment used to gain access to or to use the service and/or the information provided.

    You are reminded that unauthorised access or improperly remaining connected to an IT system, hindering or disrupting the operation of an IT system, and fraudulently adding to or changing data in an IT system are criminal offences for which you may be prosecuted.

    Access to the www.rothschildandco.com Website is free of charge. You shall pay all costs incurred to access and use any telecommunications networks in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down by the relevant access providers and telecommunications operators.


    2 - Copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights

    This Website and the content hereof are protected by copyright and/or by other intellectual property rights owned by Rothschild & Co or by companies in its group. Items on this Website (and any information displayed on the Website including, without being limited to, articles, graphic images, photographs, diagrams, video recordings, organisation charts, sound recordings, etc.) may be reproduced and used provided that:

    (a) said reproduction and use are strictly for information purposes and for non-commercial use within your company [or organisation] to enable you to find out more about Rothschild & Co and the companies in its group; and

    (b) all the original information given and in particular the words "All rights reserved - 2016 - Rothschild & Co" appear in any reproduction; and

    (c) the items reproduced or used and the information in question are not changed in any way whatsoever, in whole or in part.

    Any other reproduction and/or use, circulation or redistribution of this Website by any means whatsoever, in whole or in part, without the prior express authorisation of Rothschild & Co is prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement punishable under Sections L 335 - 2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

    The trademarks used by the publisher of the www.rothschildandco.com Website and its partners, as well as the logos shown on the Website, are registered trademarks. Any use of items on the Website to reproduce these trademarks or logos, in whole or in part, without the express authorisation of Rothschild & Co or its assigns is therefore prohibited within the meaning of Article L 713 - 2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

    In addition, some of the names referred to in this Website may be protected by trademarks owned by Rothschild & Co, companies within its group or by third parties, without any reference to this protection necessarily being made.


    3 - Content of Website, no guarantee and no liability

    Rothschild & Co reserves the right to change the content of this Website at any time without notice. In addition, Rothschild & Co may not be held liable in the event of any delay in the provision of, any mistake in or omission from the content of these pages or in the event of any suspension or unavailability of the service and gives no guarantee as regards the security of the Website or the absence of any virus or any other bugs (including, in all items on the Website, in the information contained in said items).

    Rothschild & Co may not be held liable for any decision taken on the basis of information displayed on the Website, or for any use thereof by a third party.

    The items on this Website are provided for information purposes only and may not be used as the basis for any transaction whatsoever. In particular, with respect to financial information which may be provided on the Website, the only reference document that may be relied on shall be the French version of the document registered with the French financial services authority (Autorité des Marchés Financiers or "AMF").

    You shall be fully responsible and liable for your use of the items on the Website and any information displayed on it, as well as for access to the Website. Rothschild & Co shall not be liable for any damage or loss whatsoever including, without being limited to, any direct and indirect damage or loss which may arise from gaining access to this Website and the use, in whole or in part, of the displayed items or information.


    4 - Hypertext links

    The Website may contain hypertext links giving access to other websites, in particular, websites of companies in the Rothschild & Co group in France and abroad and in particular companies in the Rothschild banking group. These websites are not published by Rothschild & Co and, as a result, Rothschild & Co may not be held liable for the content of any such websites you may visit.

    The publisher's permission must be obtained for the creation of any link to the www.rothschildandco.com Website.


    5 - Cookies

    - You are informed that, when you visit the Website, a cookie may be automatically installed and kept temporarily in your computer memory or on your hard disk. A cookie does not allow a user to be identified but is used to record information about your use of the Website. You acknowledge that you have been informed of this practice and authorise Rothschild & Co to activate said cookie. You may deactivate the cookie by using parameters within your browser software.


    6 - Items that may affect future results

    The information, documents and newspaper articles provided online on the Website may contain information that is open to interpretation or analysis in the form of forecasts, relating to the financial position, activity, results of operations, and strategy of Rothschild & Co and/or of companies in its group. These forecasts are based on assumptions which may prove to be inaccurate, in particular because they depend on risk factors such as the overall economic situation, variations in exchange rates and interest rates, as well as general economic and financial considerations, both in France and in the rest of the world.

    Rothschild & Co and the companies in its group shall not be liable in any way as regards the updating of forecasts due to new information or future events or occurrences, both in France and abroad. Further information relating to items or factors that may affect the financial results of Rothschild & Co and its group is contained in the documents registered with the AMF.


    7 - Provision of information by users

    Any information or request for information that you may send Rothschild & Co via the Website or by the email service accessible via the Website shall not be considered as confidential.

    You may also send your details or requests by post to the address of Rothschild & Co's registered office, for the attention of the department referred to on the corresponding Website pages.


    8 - Personal data

    Rothschild & Co may collect the personal data of users of this Website. This data is intended solely for Rothschild & Co's Communications Department's use for information purposes, to enable users to benefit from the services offered on this Website. This personal data shall be confidential and shall be retained by Rothschild & Co, which undertakes to refrain from making any commercial use thereof unless it has previously informed any relevant user.

    No personal information about a user shall be transferred to a third party or used for any purpose other than as provided for herein.

    In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, any user of this Website has the right to access, change, correct and delete personal data that Rothschild & Co may collect (Article 34 of the French Data Protection Act).In order to exercise this right, you should contact us:

    - either through the intermediary of the online contact form provided on the Website;

    - or by writing to Rothschild & Co, 23 bis Avenue de Messine, Paris 75008.


    9 - Governing law

    This Website is governed by French law. Any use hereof must take place in compliance with French law and shall be deemed to have taken place on French territory.