We build a global investment strategy tailored to your objectives

Discretionary portfolio management

Discretionary portfolio management is the essence of our business. We have developed an open-architecture management model, based on a broad investment universe of listed and unlisted assets and structured products. This wide range of products enables us to design investment strategies tailored to your specific profile and objectives.

Through our discretionary portfolio management offer, you benefit from personalised support provided by your dedicated manager.

Independent private management expertise

Our role is to determine our clients' investment strategy and asset allocation. To achieve this, we have access to a substantial pool of analyses from the Group' various committees, including, of course, those specific to Rothschild Martin Maurel. This privileged access allows us to shape our recommendations independently.



Innovative solutions

We are constantly developing innovative investment solutions that arise from our reflections and our market views. These products, exclusively reserved for Wealth Management clients, have proven over time our ability to react and our sense of innovation when facing market fluctuations. Our process also integrates the analysis of extra-financial criteria, in order to combine financial performance and responsibility.




We offer financial management solutions based on 3 poles:

Listed assets
  • Our allocations are composed of investment funds (Group and external) and of a selection of stocks combined with a responsive tactical allocation based on trackers.
  • We follow a trendless investment management approach, which does not automatically follow the market consensus.
Structured products
  • We offer tailor-made products adapted to market conditions and delivering an attractive risk/return ratio, in line with your profile and objectives.
  • Combined with other asset classes, structured products allow you to complete and diversify your financial portfolio. 

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Unlisted Assets
  • We offer our clients the possibility of investing in unlisted assets, by proposing a range of external funds or funds managed by our Group's dedicated entity (Merchant Banking).
  • With expertise developed since 2005, we are one of the pioneers in this asset class usually reserved for institutional clients.
  • The variety of underlying strategies allows us to build diversified allocations that are complementary to investments in liquid assets.

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