Low-carbon economy

We are conscious of the impact of climate change on our stakeholders and business.

We are committed to limiting and reducing the direct and indirect impact of our operations, products and services, and want to act as the catalyst for funding innovation and support the transition towards a low carbon economy.


Our priorities

Net zero operational emissions pathway

  • -30% operational GHG emissions by 2030 (vs 2018)
  • 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2025
  • Compensation for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions through a balanced portfolio of certified carbon offsets
  • Shift from compensating operational GHG emissions through avoidance credits towards 100% carbon removals by 2030

Products and services

The integration of considerations about the environmental impact of our products and services is key to ensuring sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy.

Facts and figures at a glance 

For more information and data, please refer to our Sustainability Report

Total Group GHG Emissions (in tco2eq)

Greenhouse gas emissions are presented as extrapolated, market-based and in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tco2eq)

Total Group Reported GHG EMissions

Total group reported market-based greenhouse gas emissions

share of electricity from renewable sources (%)


Rothschild & Co and CarbonCure Technologies announce long-term carbon compensation partnership

We are pleased to announce Rothschild & Co’s carbon credit purchase agreement with CarbonCure Technologies.

Philanthropic partnership

R&Co4Generations is Rothschild & Co’s platform for supporting social and environmental causes, locally and globally. Find out more about our global flagship partnership with an environmental focus.

2022 Response to the Carbon Disclosure Project

Rothschild & Co has reported to CDP's climate change questionnaire since 2018. In 2022, the Group achieved a "B" rating. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our expectation for respect of fundamental ethical, social and environmental principles in doing business with Rothschild & Co, including a supplier’s relations with its own employees and subcontractors or any other related entities and organisations forming part of the engagement.

Sustainability Report 2022

More detailed information about governance, facts & figures, and performance targets.

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