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Navigating challenging investment seas

30 September 2022 | 23 mins

Plain sailing. Batten down the hatches. Strong headwinds. When describing markets, it's common to call upon maritime metaphors to convey uncertainty. In the current economic landscape, we find ourselves reaching for them again.


27 September 2022 | 5 mins

Sterling has fallen further after the UK's "fiscal event", making higher interest rates even more likely. However, its all-round weakness is being overstated, as is the threat to the UK government's creditworthiness.

Climbing the Wall

14 September 2022 | 25 mins

The sticky nature of today’s inflation remains the key risk to the global growth outlook. In this Market Perspective, we explore the macro and market backdrop – including a deep dive into the global inflation trajectory – along with the upcoming political calendar.

The end of TINA?

14 September 2022 | 5 mins 

It is the worst calendar year return (so far) for bonds, some value may finally be re-emerging in the high-quality government bonds that comprise the core of the global market. Is it time to retire the acronym TINA (‘There is No Alternative’)?

Inflation: winter is coming?

22 August 2022 | 5 mins 

UK inflation, already at uncomfortable levels, is set to grind higher, peaking at 13% by year-end – according to the Bank of England – followed by only a gradual descent to perhaps 6% by the end of 2023. 

Annual ESG Report

2 August 2022 | 30 mins

We've always invested in long-term, sustainable business. To discover how environmental, social and governance issues are embedded in our approach to wealth management, please review our ESG report.

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