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We can sometimes be asked to speak to the next generation who feel quite alienated by the wealth their parents have, and it’s a real privilege to give them the confidence to become responsible custodians of that wealth."

Client Adviser Ben Harrison

Generational success

After a lifetime of forging a path of your own, your wealth needs protection from eroding forces. For more than 200 years, we’ve been guiding some of the world’s most successful individuals and families with a clear focus on their future.

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A focus on individual families

No two families are alike; each has complex and unique needs. We're here to keep you wealthy, and our extensive network of leading legal and accounting specialists means we can pair you with the best experts to meet your individual wealth management needs.

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Planning for generational wealth

As a wealth manager, we focus on the fundamentals, rather than prevailing investor sentiment. We are determined to be good custodians of your capital, delivering expected returns for decades to come. As a family working hard to preserve your wealth, you’ll want to focus on understanding your goals and putting an effective financial plan in place.

Creating a multigenerational plan

You might find it helpful to use our wealth management framework to divide your wealth into different 'pots', each with a range of objectives driven by accessibility, target returns and risk tolerance.

How can we help your family achieve their long-term goals?


The big ideas and important details behind our approach to preserving your wealth for the long term.

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Post-exit: investing for income?

27 May 2022 | 9 mins

When selling a business, entrepreneurs often neglect the difference between receiving a regular salary and being in possession of the cash lump sum which typically accompanies an exit. Here, we discuss how we recreate an 'income' for our clients, and work with them to meet their immediate and long-term goals.