Private Markets Series

Private Markets


In this series we explore the world of private markets. We offer insights why private market investments are attractive, explain main characteristics of this asset class, provide market updates and interview fund managers about their offering and investment approach.

Private Debt: an alternative to bank financing

14 March 2024 | Private Market Series

Private debt made its début in the 2000s as a way to meet financing needs, sitting midway between senior debt and shareholders’ equity. Its use took off in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, as banks had significantly restricted their lending, particularly to SMEs and companies presenting substantial leverage.

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Why include non-listed assets in a global allocation?

17 Oct  2023 | Private Market Series

As a complement to public equity, private markets have evolved significantly in recent decades and their popularity continues to grow.

An attractive investment opportunity in the current market context

14 Feb 2023 | Private Market Series

Currently, private debt investors benefit from attractive yields of 7% to 10% per annum. We compare the characteristics of private debt to other fixed income segments and equities, highlight its advantages and examine the risks in case of an economic stress scenario.


Private Debt Investments: Risks under the microscope

31 Oct 2022 | Private Market Series

While private debt is an attractive investment strategy, we analyse the risks of private debt investments and show why the choice of manager is so important.

Why the US middle market is attractive for Private Equity Investors

20 Sep 2022 | Private Market Series

US midmarket companies are a powerhouse of the US economy. Therefore, we examine why this market segment is very attractive to private equity investors, how managers can create value and how returns differ from investments in large cap companies.

Real Estate: What is the outlook?

25 Mar 2022 | Private Market Series

With the pandemic causing major shifts in the real estate market, we look at how different real estate sub-sectors have performed and where investors can look for returns.


Private debt - An All-Weather strategy

4 Mar 2022 | Private Market Series

In the low interest rate environment, private debt as an asset class has thrived – but what happens when interest rates rise? We explore the concept of an all-weather investment strategy for private debt.


Syndicated and direct lending strategies

Rothschild & Co's Wealth Management business in Switzerland offers clients the opportunity to invest in Merchant Banking's private debt strategies. Two of these strategies focus on syndicated and direct lending.

The rise of private market

The story of the Rothschild family and its experience in private markets is rich and varied and serves to illustrate our long-term commitment to help you navigate and successfully manage your investments in this asset class

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