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  • Tariffs redux?

    Strategy Blog

    President Biden has raised tariffs on critical imports from China, following accusations of unfair trading practices. Falling trade barriers arguably helped foster previous spells of economic prosperity, so should investors be concerned at the return of tough tariffs?

  • Is the stock market's advance too narrow?

    Strategy Blog

    Much has been made of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ technology and AI companies that have boosted the US stock market, but should we be concerned about overconcentration? In this blog we delve into the history of major companies and ask how concentrated is too concentrated?

  • A conversation with the Director of The Rothschild Archive

    Perspectives podcast

    In the latest episode of Perspectives from Rothschild & Co, Laura Künlen and Melanie Aspey, Director of The Rothschild Archive, discuss the origins of the Archive, share captivating anecdotes about the family, and discuss how their values can offer inspiration and guidance for businesses and leaders in today's ever-changing world.

  • The next mood shift

    Market Perspective

    In this edition of Market Perspective we consider whether investors should be worried about rising levels of US government debt. We also examine the outlook for global inflation and how this could impact central banks’ upcoming interest rate decisions.

  • Is there ever a bad time to invest?

    Strategy Blog

    Cash is offering competitive returns to investors for the first time in years. But does it ever ultimately pay to avoid the stock market altogether? In this blog we crunch the numbers to find out whether ‘time in the market’ really does beat ‘timing the market’.

  • US dollar momentum

    Strategy Blog

    The dollar’s current upward momentum looks to have been underpinned by relatively strong US growth. We examine the ‘dollar smile’ theory, which seeks to explain when we should expect strong performance from the greenback, and the impact for investors.

  • Higher for even longer?

    Perspectives podcast

    Market sentiment has recently shifted, and geopolitical tensions have re-escalated in the Middle East. Join our Global Investment Strategists to explore whether the "higher for longer" scenario regarding interest rates has returned.

  • Market sentiment sours in April

    Monthly Market Summary

    Global equities declined by 3.3% in April (USD terms), alongside government bonds which fell by 1.5% (USD, hedged terms).

  • Insights Issue 13 - Spring Edition

    Market Commentary

    Delve into strategic portfolio construction, market insights, the rationale behind high-yield bonds, retirement planning, thematic investing, and more in Issue 13 of Mosaique Insights.

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We provide an update on the global supply chain, as stresses have continue to abate in recent months. The outlook for good-related CPI is also improving.


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