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  • Perspectives podcast: The last mile

    Market Perspective

    The Swiss National Bank's decision to reduce interest rates came as a surprise to the market. Join our Global Investment Strategists to decode central banks' moves, unravel oil market dynamics, and track gold and bitcoin prices.

  • A rebound in corporate earnings?

    Strategy Blog

    Earnings growth is rising in the United States, suggesting the market could have passed a turning point. Ahead of the release of first quarter earnings figures, we consider what this means for investors and examine how earnings expectations can be fallible.

  • Stock market optimism prevails in March

    Monthly Market Summary

    Global equities continued their upswing, rising by 3.1% in March (USD terms), while government bonds were also up by 0.7% (USD, hedged terms).

  • The next generation's philanthropic shift

    Investment Views

    The Next Generation represents a dynamic force, especially in the realm of philanthropy, where innovative approaches are essential for driving positive transformations. Find out what is next for philanthropy.

  • Private debt as an alternative to bank financing

    Investment Views

    Today, private debt has become a must-have alternative to bank loans for intermediate-size companies, and especially those interested in consolidating their market position and needing to use their cash to fund acquisitions.

  • Digital frontiers: Cybersecurity

    Investment Views

    Every day, fresh ransomware assaults make headlines. The average nine-month timeframe to detect security incidents underscores the critical need for swift action to prevent or mitigate damages.

  • Stock markets rise to fresh highs in February

    Monthly Market Summary

    Stock indices rose to record levels across the globe, including the S&P 500, Euro Stoxx 600 and Nikkei 225. Regional and sector returns broadened in February, though ‘growth’ stocks continued to lead the market higher.

  • Perspectives podcast: Dispelling misconceptions

    Market Perspective

    Worries about growth, geopolitics, and an authoritarian government have dramatically dented sentiment in China.

  • Disinflation, China and stock valuations

    Market Perspective

    Politics may well affect portfolios in 2024, but we know that the business cycle certainly will. In this Market Perspective, we examine the outlook for inflation, the case for and against investing in China, and whether stocks are currently being overvalued.

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