Helen Watson

Headshot of Wealth Management UK CEO Helen Watson

CEO, Wealth Management UK

Helen Watson is CEO of Rothschild & Co’s UK Wealth Management business and a member of the Group’s Global Executive Committee. She joined Rothschild & Co in 2010 and was appointed CEO of the UK Wealth Management business in 2015.

Helen has spent her entire career working with private clients, charities, foundations and endowments. At Rothschild & Co, these clients include tech entrepreneurs, business owners, film makers, academic institutions, as well as families that made their wealth in previous generations. Rothschild & Co’s wealth management business helps them to protect and grow their wealth to achieve their goals now, in the future and for the next generation.

Helen is passionate about improving and building diverse teams in wealth management to enable the industry to adapt, change and grow – and make good decisions on behalf of clients. As Co-chair of Rothschild & Co’s Balance and Inclusion committee, she leads a number of initiatives in this area.

Before joining Rothschild & Co, Helen worked in Morgan Stanley’s UK Private Wealth Management business. Having joined them in 1991, she was appointed a Managing Director in 2005. Helen has an unusually deep understanding of private clients’ investment needs having been both a private client portfolio manager and a senior client advisor. Helen has won and been nominated for a number of prestigious awards over many years.

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