Rothschild & Co and CarbonCure Technologies announce long-term carbon compensation partnership

We are pleased to announce Rothschild & Co’s carbon credit purchase agreement with CarbonCure Technologies (CarbonCure).

“This multi-year agreement forms part of Rothschild & Co's balanced portfolio approach to carbon compensation, which aims to support our net-zero operations alignment commitment through effectively removing an equivalent amount of CO2 for all our residual, unavoidable operational emissions by 2030”, said Anne Imbach, Group Head of Sustainability at Rothschild & Co.

CarbonCure is a Canadian company that offers a suite of technologies to the concrete industry that reduce and remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through mineralisation in concrete. Through this eight-year partnership to purchase CarbonCure’s carbon credits, we recognise the opportunity to decarbonise the concrete value chain, a hard-to-abate yet essential sector, by incentivising and accelerating the adoption of a lower-emission alternative that can be easily scaled up and that relies on existing industry infrastructure.

“We’re thrilled to finalise this agreement with Rothschild & Co,” said Robert Niven, Chair and CEO of CarbonCure Technologies. “This carbon credit purchase will help catalyse the expansion of our technologies and represents an enduring commitment to the growth and development of the rapidly-innovating climate tech sector. We look forward to marking new achievements in the climate effort together.”

Acknowledging the alignment of this project with Rothschild & Co's ambition to ensure impactful compensation of our emissions, we have committed to purchasing carbon credits for CO2 avoidance and removal from CarbonCure Technologies every year until 2030.

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