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Striking and unique perspectives on current affairs, global trends and asset classes. Bringing together our own proprietary research and external experts, we bring you closer to topics that matter.

The Next Generation's Philanthropic Shift

The Next Generation represents a dynamic force, especially in the realm of philanthropy, where innovative approaches are essential for driving positive transformations.

In our latest Investment Views we discussed with Prof. Dr. Peter Vogel the distinctive traits of the NextGen, their proactive approach to addressing societal challenges, and the strategic methods for optimizing philanthropic impact.


Switzerland flying high

Psychiatrist and explorer Dr. Bertrand Piccard made aviation history with his successive non-stop around the globe flights in a balloon and a solar airplane. In our interview, we trace back his aeronautic firsts, discuss the importance of perseverance and make the case for Switzerland's investment opportunities, as a country rife with high-tech innovation.

A family affair

Family businesses are the backbone of the global economy and have been firmly rooted in society for centuries. In our latest Investment Views, we will explore the secrets to the success of family businesses and highlight one inspiring example of a family-owned company that has a long history of success and resilience.


Out of this space

In the following interview with Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at CheckPoint Software Technologies, we learn about the cybersecurity sector, what role  it plays in the current geopolitical context and why Israel is considered to be the world leader in cybersecurity expertise.


One fine stay

An interview with Olivier Lefebvre, the CEO of Cheval Blanc, in which we discuss what it takes to build a sustainable best-in-class luxury brand, the opening of the group's latest hotel in Paris as well as lessons learnt during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Touching the Meta

A conversation with Joshua Wöhle, one of the founders of London- based SuperAwesome, the children's web safety and parental control services firm, on the the metaverse and young consumers, regulatory challenges and the e-gaming sector.


The Beautiful Game

A discussion with ex-football player, Danny Williams, who recounts his insights from the Beautiful Game and how he moved on to found his own fashion brand. 

Interviews on Gold

Symbol: Au, Atomic Number: 79: The most malleable of all metals, one of earth's least reactive chemical elements and used in monetary systems across history, gold means many things to many people. (PDF)

Montreux Jazz Festival

Since launching in the 1960s with globally acclaimed artists such as Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Jan Gabarek and Ella Fitzgerald, the Festival has showcased a wide variety of musicians and genres far beyond "Jazz".

Israeli Diaries

As the global economy searches for an exit strategy to the pandemic, we take a closer look at how Israel has become the world’s leading nation in the COVID-19 vaccination programme. In the following conversation we explore how societies can unlock their economies and what lessons we can learn from Israel as its businesses reopen and consumers start to spend. (PDF)

A response to COVID-19

In the following interview with Dr. Bruno Eschli, investor relations officer at Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, we learn about the challenges of developing a vaccine for COVID-19, the pharmaceutical sector’s response to the crisis and how it could impact the industry’s reputation.

Vaccines and diagnostics

With the COVID-19 pandemic now into its second year, progress with vaccinations and testing raises the hope that lockdowns will lift and economic life will resume. 

Challenging the challengers

RevolutMonzoStarling and N26 are becoming household names across Europe. These businesses are part of a new wave of challenger banks that have disrupted retail banking services, divided critics and amassed millions of users. They have attracted global headlines in the last two years as they enjoy compound annual growth rates nearing 45%.

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