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  • A wealth manager's company culture, values and people must be a good fit for you and your family
  • Our business is built on the strength of our people and relationships
  • We invest heavily in our employees and our compensation structure rewards a long-term success
  • Exceptional client service is firmly embedded into our culture

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Choosing a wealth manager isn't a decision that you should take lightly. You need to be confident they can preserve and grow your wealth not just throughout your lifetime, but also across future generations.

A wealth manager should be able to demonstrate a strong track record of being effective custodians of their clients' wealth.

However, there are other factors to consider. Wealth managers do more than just choose and manage your investments. They can also help you define and achieve both your short- and long -term financial goals, and act as a sounding board for wider financial matters.

Your wealth manager will be planning to work with you for many years, decades, and even generations to come. This means it’s important that they also have access to a network of advisers and can help with wider financial matters.

In other words, the relationship must be a good fit. You'll want to ensure a wealth manager's company culture and values align with your own, and that their advisers fully grasp your needs.

We're extremely proud of our people and culture at Rothschild & Co. In this article, we'd like to explain how they enable us to deliver exceptional client service.

Embedding a culture of service

Great service is about going above and beyond expectations. We want to surprise our clients in a positive way, making ourselves more than just an investment manager but a trusted adviser. There are several ways we try to achieve this:

  • Everyone is accountable for exceptional client service, not just our client advisers. For example, each employee's annual performance review includes client service objectives that are specific to their role
  • Our aim is to empower our people so that they feel confident in providing the best possible client experience. With this in mind, we present an internal 'Michelin Award' to any employees, regardless of role, who consistently deliver outstanding service
  • We have established an Exceptional Client Service Committee, which brings together people from across the business to identify strategies and solutions to improve our service levels

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a unique perspective tailored to their specific needs. We believe we stand out from our peers by focusing on the long term, investing in our people and committing to excellent client service.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional client service that helps drive industry-leading levels of client satisfaction. Every two years we conduct an independent survey of our clients to help maintain our focus on client service and satisfaction. Our latest survey, carried out by market research firm Savanta, found that 94% of clients described themselves as satisfied with their service from Rothschild & Co Wealth Management, with 97% satisfied with their client team.

We also have an industry-leading Net Promoter Score, which is a customer experience metric that measures client loyalty.

We believe we stand out from our peers by focusing on the long term, investing in our people and committing to excellent client service."

A long-term focus

Building strong, enduring relationships has always been at the heart of what we do. For more than 200 years, we've remained committed to developing genuine personal connections – connections that last.

To strengthen these relationships and service the diverse needs of our clients around the world, we require the right people. And once we have them, we want to keep them, which is why we strive to create a dynamic and collaborative culture where all our employees feel happy, motivated and valued.

As a wealth manager, our focus is on the long term, and this perspective extends to our people. We want our colleagues to feel that they – and we – are invested in their future with us.

By working hard to ensure that our employees can build fulfilling careers, we have maintained an extremely low staff turnover rate in an industry where this is becoming increasingly rare.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for our clients to have the same Client Adviser today that they've had since day one, providing much-needed continuity and stability over the long term.

We also recognise that nobody is perfect, so we’re also not afraid to hold our hands up when something goes wrong, and showing clients how we plan to put it right and learn lessons for the future.

Unlike some wealth managers, we do not offer our client advisers bonuses or commission for selling certain 'products' or 'solutions'."

Investing in people

The Rothschild family motto is Concordia, Integritas, Industria – harmony, integrity and industry. In keeping with these values, we believe in rewarding our people properly.

Remuneration for all our employees is reviewed annually and comprises a base salary plus a discretionary bonus, the latter of which is tied to individual performance, as well as the wider performance of their team and the business. This encompasses additional factors such as teamwork, mentoring, leadership and fostering a supportive environment of diversity and inclusion.

Unlike some wealth managers, we do not offer our client advisers bonuses or commission for selling certain 'products' or 'solutions'. We firmly believe this creates a conflict of interest and encourages short-termism.

In fact, neither our client advisers nor portfolio managers are given short-term targets. Instead, a significant proportion of their remuneration is made up of deferred compensation in order to incentivise long-term thinking. This policy means that we’re encouraged to find the right adviser for a client.

Employees are also encouraged to invest alongside our clients and there are mechanisms in place for them to do so, ensuring our interests are fully aligned with yours. Portfolio managers, client advisers and all directors and above at Rothschild & Co Wealth Management UK are co-invested in this way.

Clients can therefore rest assured that we will always manage their wealth as if it were our own. It is often one and the same.

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