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Being inquisitive and willing to get stuck in to a variety of tasks

In 2022, Sydney began her career at Rothschild & Co working as a Marketing Specialist within our Wealth Management business in London.

“What I enjoy most about working at Rothschild & Co is the collaborative nature and the variety of my role. I am constantly working with different colleagues on my team on a number of projects, which has helped guide me as I enter this new career.

The most interesting aspect of marketing is that it plays a vital role in connecting with our clients, and the introduction of digital media has only accelerated this. Since starting my career at Rothschild & Co, I have had the opportunity to apply different marketing disciplines to our dynamic Wealth Management business, engaging with a broad range of clients, and working in a brilliant team of talented colleagues.

What I enjoy most about working at Rothschild & Co is the collaborative nature of my role..."

Outside of work, I enjoy playing volleyball, and I used to play professionally in different parts of Europe. Throughout my athletic career, I gained soft skills that I've found invaluable in my current role, such as teamwork, cross-cultural communication skills, and performing under pressure.

For those that are interested in a career at Rothschild & Co, my advice would be to be inquisitive and willing to get stuck into any task that is given to you. As I’ve entered this new industry, these two characteristics have helped me learn, get to know the wider business as a whole, as well as understand how to improve the outcome for our clients.”


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