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Seizing opportunities to gain experience, and working with confidence in your abilities

"I joined Rothschild & Co in New York as a graduate, straight out of university, followed by a move to Washington DC. After almost seven years at the firm, I left in 2007 to pursue a two-year MBA course and, following a short stint on the buyside, I came back. I am often asked why. The reasons are simple: I liked and respected my colleagues, enjoyed maintaining and building client relationships, and appreciated the unique opportunity to work across numerous advisory products.

At the same time, the sector I had focused on was also going through major changes, which were bound to create opportunities for complex and therefore interesting roles in helping clients navigate post global financial crisis challenges. Ultimately, those factors drew me back to the firm in 2009.

In 2022, I became Global Head of Mining and Metals. Now, my role is to lead a team of 30 bankers who cover the Mining and Metals sector across our three main hubs: London, Toronto, and Sydney/Melbourne. Given our team’s broad geographic footprint across multiple time zones, it made sense to lead the team from London, so I made the transatlantic move.

My work has presented incredible opportunities to learn and pass on what I have learned…"

There have been many highlights throughout my career, from hard-fought M&A deals, restructuring mandates which have brought companies back from the brink, to strategic advisory mandates which helped clients successfully reshape their strategy. When I was younger, these presented incredible opportunities to learn from experienced mentors. Now they are opportunities to problem solve, deepen client relationships, and pass on what I have learned over the years.

What I enjoy most about my job is working with a fantastic team, which I now have the privilege to lead. We have developed a reputation for helping clients navigate complex transactional and strategic challenges while taking a long term view of client relationships. The success of this approach is proven by significant repeat business and relationships that span decades.

There are opportunities at every level to build your career at Rothschild & Co…”

Rothschild & Co inspires longevity – many colleagues, particularly amongst the senior ranks, have been at the firm for a significant portion of their careers. There are opportunities at every level to reach beyond the confines of a specific role in an environment which is supportive, collegiate, but also entrepreneurial, which is unique in our industry.

For graduates and new joiners at Rothschild & Co, remember that you got this job because you belong here, so tackle your role and responsibilities with confidence. Lastly, stay curious; it is a challenging job, but your curiosity will keep it interesting for many years to come."


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