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Amelia's story

Combining learning from university with a unique working environment

Working in Global Advisory at Rothschild & Co’s London office, Amelia is enrolled in a Degree Apprenticeship. This allows her to gain industry experience whilst also studying for a degree.

"Prior to starting my Degree Apprenticeship at Rothschild & Co, I considered going down the more ‘traditional’ university route and studying Economics for three years. However, I realised undertaking a ‘traditional’ degree was not the right fit for me.

When I saw Rothschild & Co advertising a Degree Apprenticeship programme based in London, the opportunity to assume a role in an industry and organisation I’d hoped to work in – whilst also studying for a degree – was very desirable.

As part of the four-year programme, I now work in Rothschild & Co’s London office four days a week and spend the remaining day studying at home, through the University of Exeter. My lectures and learning are conducted virtually, with the hands-on learning from Rothschild & Co taking place in the office.

While we study for university exams, we simultaneously work towards qualifying for professional qualifications including the Investment Management Certificate and the Chartered Financial Analyst program. It’s a more continuous way of learning and enables us to gain industry leading qualifications while studying for our degree.

Working alongside so many talented colleagues has been invaluable…”

As one of many Apprentices based in Rothschild & Co’s largest UK office in London, we’re surrounded by the four key departments within the firm, enabling us to gain an in-depth, first-hand insight into how the organisation and its numerous departments operate.

My role is very varied – one minute I can be assisting on a project by creating marketing materials to be sent to investors, and the next I can be supporting the other bankers in the team on all manner of projects and deals.

The work here is fascinating; you're assisting the team on projects in which some of the world’s largest companies undergo the biggest changes in their histories.

As a learning opportunity, transitioning into an environment where you’re working alongside so many talented colleagues has been invaluable.

You’re able to speak freely and openly…”

Degree graduate in Rothschild & Co corridor

Arriving as an Apprentice, you’re respected and valued from the get-go. The culture is very inclusive.

My time as an Apprentice is very structured. As a result, I’m able to strike a nice balance between my responsibilities in the office and my studies through the university.

For the university studies, you’re assigned a designated academic mentor who you can have one-to-ones with.

You’re able to speak freely and openly with them about anything regarding your studies or your office-based learning.

Working full-time after leaving school is incredibly exciting…”

As daunting as working in the city and commuting to the office was, at first, it was an element of the programme that undoubtedly attracted me to the opportunity and the role.

Being able to work in the city – right in the heart of London’s financial district – and working full-time post A Level examinations is incredibly exciting."


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