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Never a dull moment

Bridget is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Rothschild & Co’s Global Advisory business in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her role is varied and engaging, encompassing a range of disciplines from finance to human resources.

“As the COO, my days are an exciting whirlwind of strategy and decision-making across diverse operational fronts, such as finance, legal and compliance, human resources, IT, as well as health and safety. There is certainly never a dull moment.

The dynamic environment here is stimulating and challenging”

I thrive on collaboration with my colleagues who are all committed to delivering exceptional service to clients. The environment of mutual influence and respect for diverse viewpoints fosters outstanding teamwork.

The dynamic environment is also stimulating and challenging. Managing such diverse areas of the company demands agility and constant learning. However, it's incredibly rewarding to be part of a team that's not only eager to excel professionally, but also to support each other's growth.

Our team’s involvement in the Foundation is a testament to our commitment to social responsibility”

As a passionate supporter of the Rothschild & Co South Africa Foundation, I help champion initiatives that assist young disadvantaged individuals in transitioning into the workforce.

The Foundation's mission extends beyond financial assistance; it's about mentorship and guidance, helping to level the playing field for young people from less privileged backgrounds. Our team's involvement in the Foundation is a testament to our commitment to social responsibility, and we take immense pride in its decade-long impact."

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