Marc-Antoine Collard

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Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research

Marc-Antoine is Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research at Rothschild & Co Wealth and Asset Management since 2014. Furthermore, he is lecturer in Economics at Sciences Po Paris since 2012.

Previously, he began his career as an economist at the Department of Finance of Canada (2004-05) in Ottawa and was then recruited as strategist-economist for CDPQ Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (2005-10). Marc-Antoine moved to France as Country risk economist for the Americas and Middle East, and Head of Commodities Research at Société Générale (2011-14). 

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  • Asset Management Europe: Monthly Macro Insights – May 2023

    Market Commentary

    While tracking a firmer pace than feared in Q1-23 GDP, incoming reports suggest much of the strength can be attributed to China. Meanwhile, central banks have continued their tightening campaign amid stubbornly firm wage growth and sticky core inflation. Will they continue until something breaks?

  • Asset Management Europe: Monthly Macro Insights – April 2023

    Market Commentary

    The global economy started the year on a firmer note than feared. Yet, core inflation is still stubbornly high while banking sector woes make it clear that the most aggressive tightening cycle in decades is taking its toll. Correspondingly, central banks will have to balance the risks between price and financial stability.

  • Asset Management Europe: Monthly Macro Insights - March 2023

    Market Commentary

    Despite cautious central bank communication about the policy outlook, particularly in view of the persistent strength of labour markets, investors were expecting rate cuts in the second half of 2023 amid a fall in global inflation. Yet, recent macroeconomic data has poured cold water on their quick disinflation sanguine view.

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