• Pro-bono Advisory

    One of the most effective ways in which we can make a difference to disadvantaged children and young people is by sharing the professional knowledge and skills we possess as a business with promising social-purpose organisations. Charities and social enterprises around the globe benefit from free professional advice in order to help them identify pathways to effective and sustainable growth that enables more expert support to disadvantaged young people.

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    Circle Collective

    11% of 16 - 24 year olds are unemployed in the UK and 18% of that group has been out of work for a year.  Circle Collective is an innovative social enterprise that aims to address this issue by getting disadvantaged young people into permanent and meaningful employment in its two clothing shops. It also offers CV support, employability and confidence-building workshops, mentoring and interview practice.

    Circle Collective's challenge

    • Circle Collective wanted to expand by opening more stores to enable them to increase the number of young people they could help
    • They wanted help to source suppliers who would be motivated to supply stock on favourable commercial terms
    • They also wanted help in sourcing new corporate sponsors and partnerships and developing existing partnerships, with a view to being able to access more funding

    Rothschild & Co's perspective

    Rothschild & Co looked at Circle Collective on a pro-bono basis and concluded that:

    • They did not have a fully functioning financial system which meant it wasn't possible to assess the financial contribution from the stores
    • The brand and messaging was not clear to customers, corporates and other stakeholders; their target markets were not clearly defined, nor were the products specifically sourced to meet specific consumer tastes

    Making a meaningful difference

    A team from Global Advisory helped by:

    • Recommending the acquisition of a suitably qualified staff member in a financial reporting role
    • Producing detailed financial analysis so that they could properly understand and assess their financial circumstances
    • Developing KPIs to create a better understanding of the profitability of each of the shops and potential economics of new shops
    • Developing pitch documents for potential suppliers and sponsors to help clarify the objectives of the organisation, target audience, locations and price-points
    • Leveraging their professional network and found a marketing specialist; working together to create a clearer brand, target the audience, update a website and create an on-line marketing presence

    In addition to the above, the team continues to help by:

    • Conducting further detailed work on the potential suitability of new sites
    • Finalising pitch documents for potential suppliers and sponsors and devising a framework for screening/evaluating the responses and then engaging with potential candidates to help crystallise agreements
    • Undergoing further work with consultants and specialists to refine the brand message, optimise the product offering and develop ideas for increasing brand awareness.

    As a result of this partnership the Circle Collective CEO said:

    “Over a year, the professional support and advice that we have received from the Rothschild & Co pro-bono team has helped to create a solid financial model, increased our sales, and has allowed us to access to up to date financial information.  Rothschild & Co's ongoing support has put Circle in a position to achieve sustainability and plan its scaling up”.