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Wealth Management for Corporate professionals

We have extensive experience of helping high income earners, who acquire their wealth through employment, with their financial affairs.

Our history of working with successful corporate professionals, which include FTSE 100 executives, has given us a deep understanding of complex remuneration structures and the inherent risks they bring.

We take into account annual bonus timing, personal trading rules and exit windows, to help you to diversify your investments, maximise opportunities for your wealth and plan for your life beyond work.

Case study

‘I’m a chief executive looking to diversify my assets’


Our client is the CEO of a global company. He is married with two children, who both attend private school.

Key objectives

To diversify our client’s asset base away from the shares and income he receives from his company.

How we helped

Our client was concerned that most of his wealth and income was linked to his company, and was overly reliant on this to meet his expenditure and children’s school fees.

Our client receives a bonus in addition to his salary, which is paid in shares, including deferred shares which vest over a period of years. Due to his role, he is subject to black-out periods where he is unable to buy or sell shares and so this requires advanced planning.

We started by helping our client plan the timing of his share sales, which are subject to certain restrictions, each year.

We arranged a tax-efficient, scalable investment solution that enables our client to invest annually in one of our growth strategies. The investments complement his company shares, without holding them directly, to ensure that we aren’t duplicating exposure. We manage this on a discretionary basis, due to his internal restrictions around buying individual shares.

We reviewed and consolidated his pensions. We transferred them to a self-invested personal pension, which is outside his estate for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes, and added his children as nominated beneficiaries. We invested the pension into a long term, equity orientated growth strategy, intended to provide further diversification from his company shares.

Finally, we helped arrange trust accounts for his children to assist with future house purchases and IHT planning.

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