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Our Entrepreneurs' Network

Who are E2E?

E2E Exchange is an established community of highly successful entrepreneurs, creating an exchange between entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and professional service providers.

E2E is a trusted entrepreneurial community which has just one objective: to unlock the full potential of ambitious entrepreneurial businesses by enabling extraordinary connectivity, which they achieve through bespoke introductions and receptions with exceptional speakers.

About our sponsorship

We have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs over our 200 year history, and having remained a family-owned business throughout this time.

We are passionate about partnering with successful business founders and supporting them throughout every step of their entrepreneurial journey. We decided to initiate our sponsorship of E2E in 2020, and following the success of the past year, we are delighted to announce that we are renewing this sponsorship so that we can continue to work with E2E to connect and support successful entrepreneurs.

The journey to an exit can be a long one – and having a forum like E2E where you can find the right advice, share your challenges and connect with like-minded individuals is vital. We have been delighted to get to know the E2E community over recent years and have seen first had the difference it can make.

Today, we partner with business owners to make a difference to both their company and their wealth - our global advisory and Arrowpoint Advisory teams help raise debt, acquire and sell businesses whole our wealth management team protects and invests their hard-earned capital prior to and following a successful exit.

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting six dinners across Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester, where we invite a successful business owner to speak about their entrepreneurial experience. Our speakers have often built their companies from scratch and are often at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey, thereby providing a wide range of insights into how different individuals go about building a business.

An entrepreneurial journey can be a long one and having a forum like E2E where you can find the right advice, share your challenges and connect with like-minded individuals is vital.

CEO, Rothschild & Co Wealth Management Helen Watson

How we help entrepreneurs

We have been a trusted partner for entrepreneurs for over 200 years. We act as an experienced guide and sounding board across their financial affairs, beyond just their investment portfolios, helping them to make the right decisions for their business and personal wealth throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Preparedness and partnering with the right experts can make the journey that much smoother - and more impactful. You can find more information on how we help entrepreneurs here.

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The journey to sale

It’s crucial businesses find the right time to sell, this means considering the performance of the business, the receptiveness of the market and alignment of leadership and shareholders. Jeremy Furness of Arrowpoint Advisory and Tim Phillips, co-founder of Gate One, shared their expertise on how entrepreneurs should prepare for any future exit.

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