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3-Space and our commitment to sustainability

Rothschild & Co is proud of its commitment to sustainability and we understand the importance of collaboration with investors, innovators and experts working in this field.


3-Space convenes pioneering impact-driven entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors to share knowledge and accelerate investment in sustainability, alongside profitability and growth.

We hope that new ideas and calls to action will follow that catalyse investment.

Why 3-Space? We wanted to create an event where experiences and ideas to accelerate capital into innovation, and to ensure scalable business models could be identified and shared."

Richard Brass, Co-Head of Sustainable Capital, Rothschild & Co

What is 3-Space?

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Rothschild & Co Wealth Management UK was proud to host the inaugural 3-Space event on 8 November 2023. The event was held in partnership with ImpactVC, an organisation working with venture capitalists to drive impact investing, UpLink, the open innovation platform of the World Economic Forum, and Big Society Capital, a social impact investor.

The event included collaborative sessions on how investment can drive a new breed of scalable start-ups and the tools needed to scale sustainability impact. It concluded with a fireside chat between Dame Caroline Mason, CEO of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, and Olivier Schwab, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum.

Event highlights

Below are two articles which share Rothschild & Co’s views on sustainable investing and the challenge of scaling climate technology.

What sustainable investing really looks like

The public discourse surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing has ranged from excessive hype to a more recent backlash, yet our views on sustainability have not changed.

We view sustainability as a fundamental investment issue and believe ESG factors can affect a company's intrinsic value if not properly managed – and thus the returns we can expect over the long term.

Rothschild & Co’s approach is to invest for generations. We seek companies that will help preserve and grow the wealth of our clients in a sustainable manner. We assess how companies can adapt to the sustainability risks presented by an everchanging world, and how companies themselves play a role in shaping the world around us.

Scaling climate technology through strategic capital

Entrepreneurs innovating in climate technology face a major challenge when scaling their business, as they often need significant amounts of capital to roll out their technology. Larger companies are natural partners for these innovators, as they can assist with people power and financing.

We believe there is a multi-decade opportunity to invest in companies that are enabling the path to a net zero global economy.

Companies must adapt to a changing world, but they can also shape the world around us in a positive way. Backing the low-carbon economy is one of our sustainability priorities, and this includes support for companies taking steps to address the risks and opportunities they face.

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