The Rothschild & Co Switzerland Art Collection and Exhibition Series

Bringing our long tradition with art into l'air du temps

In the 1800s, Mayer Amschel Rothschild's five sons expanded the Frankfurt business by branching out to London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. Innovative entrepreneurialism, sound business practices and the strong unity between the five "houses" laid the foundation for the meteoric rise of the trading and financial institution, continuing to this day. The Five Arrows logo symbolizes the unity and pan-European cooperation of its five founders, spanning Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Austria.


Art is like a time capsule which tells the story of an individual, a community and a certain moment in history. Our curated exhibitions aim to reflect the relevant topics of our times."

Curator of the Collection and Exhibition Series Jonathan Levy

Against this historical setting and the Rothschild family's longstanding celebration and patronage of the arts, Wealth Management Switzerland launched the Rothschild & Co Switzerland Art Collection and Exhibition Series.

For six months every year a curated exhibition brings together a selected group of contemporary artists in our Zurich premises. From the exhibitions, several artworks are selected for our company's art collection.

The aim is to support artists from the Five Arrow countries and present their work in our premises, thus creating an exciting space for visitors and staff, where one can discover and learn about art.

Art exhibitions

Moving Narratives (2023)

Explore virtually the second edition of the Rothschild & Co Switzerland Exhibition Series. The artworks by the seven selected artists visited imagined and real experiences, investigating the fragile notions of borders and the role of narration in fostering a sense of self. 

Dwellings (2022)

Take a virtual tour of the first installement of the Rothschild & Co Switzerland Exhibition Series in the Zurich offices. Featuring 11 artists from the Five Arrow countries, exploring the meaning and role of places we inhabit in our daily lives. 

Your trusted wealth partner

Art collections can be an important component of the familial nest egg, which must tactfully be preserved over generations. Through our 200 years in finance we have consistently been the best financial partner of successful families by offering personalised Wealth Management services. 

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