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Company Insights


Lifting the lid on businesses we invest in and the long-term trends which they help to shape. through exclusive access to company senior management, investor relations and senior advisers.

All aboard Canadian Pacific Kansas City

In 1881, Canadian Pacific (CP) railroad connected a new country. Fast forward to April 2023, and the merger between CP and Kansas City Southern (KCS) connected a continent, transforming the freight rail industry.
In an interview with CPKS's Investor Relations team, we discuss the recent merger, the rationale behind it and the outlook for the industry.

Also available in German & French.

ASML - Supplying the world with semiconductors

In an interview with ASML's Head Investor Relations Europe, Marcel Kemp, we find out more about the firm's product portfolio, the industry, and the general market outlook.

Also available in German & French.

What's in the cards for Visa?

Do you have one in your wallet? With 3.8 billion credit and debit cards stamped with the Visa logo there is a high chance you do.
In our conversation with Visa's CFO Vasant M. Prabhu we find out more about Visa's business model, the shift from cash to digital payments and future growth opportunities.

Also available in German & French.

The sound of Sonova

Did you know that hearing loss currently affects more than 20% of the global population?

A conversation with Arnd Kaldowski, CEO of Sonova, a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions, on the attractiveness of the industry, Sonova's product portfolio and the most recent technological evolutions.

Also available in German & French.

Magic in the warehouse


111.6 million members worldwide hold a Costco membership card, various social media accounts are devoted to Costco and at least one couple got married at Costco. This level of enthusiasm for a grocery company may seem odd - unless you are a Costco member. So, what makes Costco so special?

Also available in German & French.

Atomic No. 1


Linde is the largest industrial gas company in the world and a leader in the supply of hydrogen. As government strategies adopt hydrogen to realise net-zero carbon emissions, we discuss its role in decarbonising the global economy and the opportunities and challenges it represents for investors. 

Also available in German & French. 

The Office

Commercial real estate

Conversations with PSP and Partners Group on the impact of the pandemic on commercial real estate. In this article we explore how Swiss commercial real estate has performed in the light of the pandemic and what the future of the office will look like. 

Also available in German & French. 

Drinks with Diageo

Drinks and the environment

The drinks giant Diageo is undergoing the key process of adpating to ESG standards by  reducing its ecological footprint, from its production lines to the type of bottles that hold their over 200 brands. 

Also available in German & French.

A cup of coffee with Nestlé

A Swiss Giant

With its 2000 brands, Nestlé truly impacts worldly food consumption. However, the transition to carbon neutrality and upholding its engagements to socially responsible sourcing are key action items for the company in the years to come. 

Future of work

Adobe / Microsoft / Logitech

2020 was a seismic year for disrupting the way we work. Adobe, Microsoft and Logitech have realized the benefits of the flexible workplace and are leading digital transformation to benefit from the future of work. 


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