Investment Advisory

Get our expertise while keeping control of your portfolio

We offer you fully personalised support – from strategic allocation to asset picking. Your portfolio results from discussions with your investment advisor, who assists you in your decision-making.

Bespoke support

We help you draw up a strategy covering all asset classes and based on your own wishes and constraints.

Proactive advisory

We keep a constant eye on the financial markets, alerting you to opportunities and how to integrate them into your portfolio.

The final decision is up to you

Take advantage of your investment advisor’s expertise while keeping the final word in decision-making.


You determine how, and how often, you wish to be contacted.

A team of dedicated managers who stay close to the markets

  • We assist you in choosing asset classes and investment vehicles, based on your risk profile and your objectives. You keep control of investment decisions.
  • You get the Group’s expertise through the trust-based relationship you have built up with your investment manager over time. We do our utmost to assist you in  your decision-making, including how, and how often, we contact you.
  • You get proactive advice from us, based on financial news and our market convictions, and in synergy with our Group’s expert opinions. We work on an open-architecture basis over a broad investment universe. We listen to your ideas, analyse them and make suggestions. 
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