Rothschild & Co: 2019 – 1st quarter release

Solid first quarter of 2019 driven by a strong activity in advisory

  • Global Advisory: revenue up 12% to €292 million (Q1 2018: €262 million) due to strong performance in our European M&A business. 5th globally by revenue for the twelve months to March 2019
  • Wealth & Asset Management: Strong net new assets and equity markets recovery resulted in a robust growth in Assets under Management, up 7% from December 2018. Revenue was down 1% to €118 million (Q1 2018: €120 million) reflecting negative interest on higher Euro central banks deposits
  • Merchant Banking: revenue down 4% to €24 million (Q1 2018: €25 million) but up 28% when compared to the average first quarter revenue for the previous three years
  • First quarter revenue was impacted:
    - Negatively by the sale of the Trust business on 28 February 2019 (Q1 2019: €5 million versus Q1 2018: €10 million)
    - Positively by the currency translation effects of €8 million

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