Female founders celebrate International Women's Day

Rothschild & Co welcomed dozens of founders to New Court for a Buy Women Built dinner to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The event brought together female entrepreneurs from the worlds of beauty, fashion, food and drink, and other industries.

International Women’s Day has given this community the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the impact women have had on their personal lives and their businesses.

Many of the entrepreneurs in attendance were also at Whole Foods supermarket in Kensington, London last week for the unveiling of a Buy Women Built partnership. This will see products from female entrepreneurs sold across the Whole Foods chain during March.

Amelia Christie-Murray.jpg

Amelia Christie-Miller, of food brand Bold Bean Co

A key reason behind the success of the Buy Women Built community is that it has encouraged networking and discussion among female founders.

We asked some of the entrepreneurs attending the dinner to share their experiences with the community and advice for other founders.

Amelia Christie-Miller, of food brand Bold Bean Co, said: ‘There are so many experiences we share as female founders. Talking about these issues together and having that community makes you not feel alone, like it is possible to break through them.’

Others said the sharing of knowledge was a key reason for the community’s success.

Mahira Kalim, of ethical homecare brand Spruce, added: ‘We’re an early stage business, launched not so long ago, and I have to say all our early funding and retail partnerships have been enabled through networking with other female founders.’

Bold Bean Co was one of the brands on display in Whole Foods and Christie-Miller said it was an honour to be sold alongside other female entrepreneurs. ‘It was amazing being on display in Whole Foods. But what was better was arriving at Whole Foods and seeing all of the women outside celebrating together,’ she said.

For decades Rothschild & Co has helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses and manage their personal finances before, during and after a sale. This is why we are proud to partner with Buy Women Built, an organisation founded to help support female entrepreneurs by showcasing their brands and harnessing the power of consumer spending.

Mahira Kalim.jpg

Mahir Kalim, of ethical homecare brand Spruce

Pip Murray.jpg

Pip Murray, of peanut butter brand Pip & Nut

We asked what advice they would pass on to other entrepreneurs, particularly those early on in their growth journey.

Pip Murray, of peanut butter brand Pip & Nut, said: ‘The power of your network is just so important when it comes to your business, but connecting with other female founders is even more important.’

‘My advice to other female founders is to really trust your gut and your intuition. You’re the person who knows your business more than anyone else.’

Kalim added: ‘If you’re just getting started on your journey, or no matter how far down you are, it’s really important to stay committed to your mission through all the ups and down.’

If you’re an entrepreneur who is growing their company, looking to sell, or has completed a sale, Rothschild & Co can help manage and preserve your wealth. Please get in touch to find out how we can support your entrepreneurial journey.

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