Wealth Management: Quarterly Letter – How we deliver sensible portfolio diversification: Foreword

Helen Watson, CEO, UK Wealth Management 

When the sun is shining on markets, it's understandable that our readers want to learn more about how we seek to find the investments that are going to make them money.

But while Return Assets are a crucial part of our portfolios, diversifying assets are just as important. They provide essential protection for those times when the weather inevitably takes a turn for the worse.

In our last Quarterly Letter, we touched briefly on how our diversifiers had helped offset some of the recent falls in equities seen amid the Covid-19 crisis. What we didn't explain was which diversifiers we currently hold, why we have them and how they work.

We'd like to take the time to do that now.

Regular readers of our quarterly letter will know that we usually prefer to take a more conceptual approach to framing our topics. We enjoy exploring ideas in imaginative ways, using metaphors, anecdotes, quotes and allegories to bring them to life.

Those elements are all still here, of course, but now we'd also like to delve a little deeper into the technical side of our investment approach than perhaps we ordinarily would. Unexpected market shocks are anxious times, and we believe greater clarity and detail can bring reassurance during a crisis.

I'd also like to reassure our readers once again that Rothschild & Co continues to operate as normal during these difficult times. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy, happy and safe.

Thank you for reading.

Helen Watson

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