Wealth Management: Quarterly Letter – The age of information abundance: Foreword

Helen Watson, CEO, UK Wealth Management 

This month marked a milestone for the Watson household as my youngest child celebrated his 18th birthday. Occasions such as this, while often forward looking, can spark nostalgia and reflection. As I think back to my own 18th birthday, I'm reminded just how different my and my son's childhoods have been. In a statement that will surely date me, I grew up using an encyclopaedia - Britannica to be exact - for my own school research. Even pre-dating Microsoft Encarta. 

As we all know, our world has been fundamentally changed by the internet and the tools that have developed out of it. Wikipedia, which is also celebrating its 18th birthday this year, is just one of the countless resources that have broken down barriers and 'democratised' knowledge in the 21st century.

These advancements do come with some downside. The quantum, variety and accuracy of information we are exposed to every day can sometimes feel overwhelming and identifying facts can be a challenge. Our team is very focused on developing critical analysis to understand what is true, and, moreover, understanding our own processing limits so as to avoid drowning in all this information.

Drilling down to the most important questions and knowing how to uncover insights are skills our investment team is constantly refining. When we have access to the same information as many other investors, we believe it is this approach and our network that will give us the edge. In this edition of the Quarterly Letter, we look at just how the world has changed and examine how, by asking the right questions, we can continue to preserve and grow your wealth in the long term.

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