Wealth Management hosts investment panel for clients in Geneva

On 10 January, we held a Wealth Management event in Geneva.
An informal panel discussion with Kevin Gardiner and Carlos Mejia included insights on the 2018 investment climate and 2019 outlook and a discussion of topics raised in our latest Market Perspective Publication and Podcast.

With William Haggard as moderator, the panel shed light on the reasons for the change in market sentiment towards the latter half of 2018, why it is misplaced to compare the macro-economic and market environment of today with the 2008 and .com crisis, before turning to a discussion of how the flagship Mosaique portfolios offered by Wealth Management Switzerland performed in 2018. 

Carlos Mejia explained the reasons why our Mosaique Portfolios were able to deliver strong relative performance despite a tough investment climate in 2018. After a broad discussion covering specific companies, regions and sectors for investors, the panel opened up the discussion to participants who wanted to know more about Wealth Management's asset allocation view and outlook for 2019.

Clients were then led on an art tour after which attendees enjoyed culinary delights, discussion and networking.

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