Wealth Management: Investment Views – The Silver Economy

Demographics are shifting. In 2017 the global population aged 60-plus totalled 962 million. Fast forward to 2050 and this cohort is expected to reach 2.1 billion - a group whose spending power and consumption has come to be named by public and private sectors, the 'Silver Economy'.

Since 1950, life expectancy at birth has risen by 10 years in North America and Europe, 25 years in Latin America and the Caribbean, and by 30 years in Asia. With lower birth rates, medical advances and a significant increase in life expectancy, the Silver Economy is set to grow.

So what does that mean for investors and how can one capture returns in a market estimated in Europe to have consumed 3.7 trillion Euros worth of goods and services in 2015? In this Investment Views, we seek to answer these questions and find out where the opportunities lie in the Silver Economy.

Download the Investment Views - The Silver Economy (PDF 846 KB)

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