Wealth Management: Investment Views – The Silver Economy: Unlikely Leaders

William Therlin, William Haggard and Amaya Gutiérrez, Wealth Management

Unlikely leaders

Despite a focus on the healthcare sector, the Silver Economy's reach across a myriad of sectors generates multiple opportunities for investors.

So where are these opportunities? Below we set out a number of case studies to illustrate the far-reaching impact of the Silver Economy and how it is set to create new revenue streams for organisations both in and outside of healthcare.


Has partnered with companies and leading research institutions to launch the 'Aging Well' initiative. This is aimed at helping senior citizens to live healthy and independent lives by, for example, providing at-home interactive services. These use on-screen instructors with home owners to monitor how balance and strength improve after surgery.


The audio technology company has entered the (audiology) hearing aid industry and was recently granted US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to market a new hearing aid device that can be used and adjusted using a smartphone and without assistance from any healthcare provider.


Has been experimenting with how the Alexa voice-assistant can contribute within health and wellness. Merging healthcare and digital innovations, Amazon Alexa has been used to assist elderly patients, ensuring greater access to family members and timing of medication. 

And now to invest…

Silver investment strategies have been around for a while but many have struggled to corner the market. Contributing to this is the breadth of potential beneficiaries from this theme, meaning there is no concentrated collection of easy purchases.

Inherently heterogeneous, corporations will meet the needs of the Silver Economy in different ways. Careful analysis of 'silver' services and goods is needed, therefore, before adopting a specific investment strategy.

It is for this reason, that our Advisory team at Rothschild & Co Wealth Management has dedicated time and resources to analysing this market and is ready to advise you on investing in this long-term trend.   

Investment conclusion

In our Investment Views Podcast, we interview Silver Economy investment managers from Rothschild & Co's Asset Management business and the Head of Healthcare of the Global Advisory business, bringing you insights and experience from across our divisions. 

Companies in consumer staples to technology sectors are presented with a real opportunity to profit from the Silver Economy. Yet, if one sector stands out, it is the discretionary healthcare market which looks set to be the most attractive beneficiary of the Silver Economy.

For further information on how to invest in this sector as well as strategies in leisure and financial (insurance) sectors, please contact us

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