Rothschild Private Wealth: Noise-reducing wealth management

Helen Watson, CEO, UK Wealth Management

In today's world of real-time information, 'fake news' and social media, the sheer volume of inputs we experience in our daily lives can seem overwhelming. It is crucial we are able to identify the issues that really matter.

Being well-informed is one thing, and having a view is another - but knowing who to be informed by and about what, in order to make the best decisions on behalf of you, our clients, is key. In this Quarterly Letter, we look at the approach we take to dealing with all these inputs, so-called 'noise', and how we evaluate which indicators are really telling us something and which are just distractions.

If I may, I also wanted to take the opportunity of this letter to congratulate the team here - Rothschild have just been awarded the Private Asset Management (PAM) Award for Client Service for an unprecedented fifth year in a row. I felt my colleagues, both front of house and behind the scenes, deserved some public credit for all their hard work. Despite this success, we know we are not perfect and want to continue to set the highest standards. We are grateful for all feedback, good and bad!

Thank you all for your continued support and confidence and I hope you enjoy this Quarterly Letter.

Download the Quarterly Letter -  April 2018 (PDF 4.1 MB) 

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