Sector: Data & Software
Location: USA
Investment date: May 2023
Partners: Providence Equity Partners, Management  

n2y is a pioneer in special education and leader in the market with its award-winning, research-driven digital solutions and materials for school districts to help improve student outcomes. n2y’s SaaS platform of integrated solutions has advanced the educational growth and inclusion of millions of students from preK to 12+. Its flagship product is the Unique Learning System, a classroom-ready core curriculum and instructional programme that enables high quality learning outcomes and ensures compliance towards relevant state standards. n2y has also expanded into newer products including individualised education plans, behavioural management within special education, and instructional intervention materials targeted at general education students with additional needs. Its solutions are used by teachers, students, administrators, and therapists in a variety of educational settings. The company is headquartered in the US and employs over 240 staff.

Website: https://www.n2y.com/

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