Sector: Data, Software and Technology-enabled Service
Country: France
Investment dates: December 2017 / February 2023
Exit date (partial): February 2023
Partners: Keensight Capital, Management, Private Investors

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Hary (France), A2MAC1 is a French fast-growing B2B database company providing engineering and technical benchmarking services to the automotive industry with a client base mainly composed of OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers. Core business consists in operating and maintaining a unique proprietary web-based benchmarking database (complete vehicles teardown documentation, 2D and 3D Scan programs, advanced studies, etc.) which is used every day by a large number of engineers and designers across the various steps of the value chain (innovation, R&D, conception, cost reduction and purchasing) to benchmark against competitors and improve innovation & cost efficiency through reverse engineering. A2MAC1 is a global business with strong positions in Europe, US, China and India and is the undisputed world leader in the automotive benchmarking industry.  

Website: https://www.a2mac1.com/

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