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WONDER Foundation

WONDER Foundation is an international charity dedicated to transforming the lives of women, girls and their communities through quality education.


We are working with WONDER to implement Project Bloom. This will expand existing mentoring and employability support, alongside vocational training, for women and girls between the ages of 15 and 30 in four countries. WONDER’s local mentors will receive training and support, empowering disadvantaged women from the local communities by providing employability skills, training, increased executive function, agency and an open mindset.

Our support is going towards projects in Côte d'Ivoire, El Salvador, Guatemala and The Philippines:


Côte d'Ivoire

Yarani, situated in northern Abidjan, is the only vocational training provider in Abobo, Abidjan’s most populous area. It was set up to equip women with professional know-how and to empower them economically. With high numbers of internally displaced residents, few opportunities and extreme poverty, trafficking is rife.

Committed to improving women’s prospects, Yarani offers women and girls basic education, livelihood training and accredited vocational training, alongside mentoring and life skills, specialising in literacy courses and hospitality programmes.

The Philippines

The Foundation for Professional Training Incorporated (FPTI) works with five schools across The Philippines, providing vocational training to girls and women.

FPTI provides a two-year dual-training programme which equips students from urban and rural poverty for the workplace. Students are enabled to break the cycle of poverty through training in hospitality and culinary arts, coupled with effective mentoringpersonal development and work attitudes training.


Many families live within Guatemala City's ‘Basurero’ neighbourhood, a district on the margins of a landfill site. Those living near the rubbish dump are often excluded from education as they cannot afford the costs of schooling and many turn to the landfill to work, scavenging for items for re-sale.

The Junkabal Foundation addresses the needs of these families, providing children with formal education whilst giving parents the opportunity to enroll in vocational training courses in beauty, catering, IT and community management. As mothers gain education and employment, entire families have been transformed through quality and safe employment.

El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. Women have to balance their role as the head of their households with often underpaid jobs.

The Sirama Foundation supports women from low-income families trapped in the cycle of poverty. Sirama provides high-quality technical education, human development and employability skills, with the goal of enabling women to be able to generate income to support themselves and their families.

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