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Our educational projects

R&Co4Generations is Rothschild & Co's philanthropic group approach with a mission to empower the next generations.

Through R&Co4Generations, we collaborate with charities and social enterprises working to address the effects of social and economic inequalities and climate change.

Education and supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have been key features of our philanthropic activity for over 200 years. With support from volunteers and charity partners worldwide, we are proud to help young people develop their skills and reach their potential, gain access to after-school activities and further education, and be the leaders of tomorrow. Read about some of our educational programmes below.

Play4Peace, Belgium

Play4Peace uses sport as a tool for inclusion, education and development. In addition to their sports programme where young people meet and play with peers from different backgrounds, Play4Peace offer academic support and a space to learn and study. The Play4Peace study space is available to students 24 hours a day, providing support to every young person.

Démos, France

Démos works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds to promote access to classical music through instrumental practice in orchestras across Paris. In addition to widening access to the arts, Démos enriches the educational paths of children, tells them about the cultural history of France and works to promote social inclusion.

ReDi School, Germany

The ReDi Schools are non-profit tech institutions, working throughout Germany, Sweden and Denmark to provide migrants and disadvantaged young people access to digital education. Recently, they launched a range of tech and coding workshops for Ukrainian teenagers to help them integrate and start a career in IT.

Bibliothèques sans Frontières, France

Our global flagship partner Bibliothèques Sans Frontières strengthens the abilities of young people around the world by improving their access to education, culture and information. They provide access and resources that connect people to books and digital resources, expand libraries' reach, train facilitators in post-emergency situations and address the needs of under-resourced communities.

Le Murier, Guernsey

Le Murier is a special education secondary school catering for a wide variety of needs. Students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum with a view to promoting skills for learning, life and living for all students. Le Murier work in a specific way with their students to help develop social and emotional well-being, through positive relationships and playful and creative activities, that give children and young people key experiences at each stage of their development.

Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Indonesia

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation is a hospitality school for local students in Sumba Barat Daya, an island in Indonesia. Through vocational education, they provide young people with skills needed for employment opportunities. They have sustainability at its heart and is building a model for responsible tourism that preserves the cultural history of Sumba.

Fundación A LA PAR, Spain

Fundación A LA PAR in Spain ensure that young people with learning difficulties have access to comprehensive and specialised training from 12 years old until they can join the work force. Their school promotes values such as mutual respect and active participation in society. A strong emphasis is also placed on sport and artistic expression through music, theatre and painting.

Jeunes@Work, Switzerland

Jeunes@Work is a gateway to a first job for young people and has been creating employment opportunities since 2008. Their programmes effectively prepare young graduates to enter employment through mentoring and workshops alongside networking opportunities.

The Access Project, UK

The Access Project helps bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to the UK’s top universities. Through a unique programme they help teenagers from across the UK unlock their potential and transform their future prospects.

Innovations for Learning, UK

Innovations for Learning targets struggling readers from disadvantaged communities in London and the Midlands. Their flagship TutorMate programme enables volunteer tutors to give children vital reading support using an online platform. 

Royal Northern College of Music, UK

The Royal Northern College of Music's flagship outreach project, Pathfinder, provides free, bespoke musical training, mentorship and pastoral support for 50 young musicians annually. These young people from across the north of England are facing financial, social or cultural barriers, and Pathfinder uses music-making to foster social change, and offers personalised programmes.

Garden School Foundation, USA

Garden School Foundation provides garden-based education to children and their families in Los Angeles, strengthening connections between food justice, environmental stewardship, and community health. They address the links between poverty, lack of access to fresh food, and academic performance whilst teaching gardening, cooking, and environmental sustainability.

Renaissance Youth Center, USA

Renaissance Youth Center is working to bring enrichment and meaning to the lives of young people in the Bronx whilst boosting high school graduation rates and college entrance rates. The Center's mission is to form well-rounded, driven youths, with the aim to lead them towards a positive and fulfilled future where they value the importance of themselves, their families and their communities.


R&Co4Generations is Rothschild & Co’s platform for supporting social and environmental causes, locally and globally.

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