Responsible Investment

Public group-wide investment policies

The group has agreed on a common investment exclusion policy framework in accordance with its 2022 Strategic Objectives for Responsible Investment, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Exclusion of investing in companies that design and produce cluster munitions and/or land mines in accordance with the Oslo Treaty (2008) and the Ottawa Convention (1997). Controversial weapons policy (PDF)
  2. Exclusion of investing in companies which to the group’s knowledge may breach fundamental principles due to gross corporate misconduct such as severe infringements of human rights, substantial environmental damage or those linked with corruption and bribery activities. Fundamental principles policy (PDF)
  3. Exclusion of investing in companies involved directly in thermal coal production as well as exploration, mining & processing and power generation using thermal coal (above defined thresholds). Thermal coal policy (PDF)

These exclusion policies are part of a comprehensive Responsible Investment framework for Wealth & Asset Management and Merchant Banking activities and are compliant with the applicable regulations, aligned with our approach to ESG criteria integration among our investment strategies, and part of the businesses’ response to manage ESG inherent risks for our investors.

Responsible Investment policies:

All Rothschild & Co entities are signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. To support ESG integration, some of our investment businesses have disclosed their Responsible Investment policy.

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