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Providing insightful analytics that tell a story

Sean is Head of HR Systems and based in our London office. His near 20-year career at Rothschild & Co has spanned two countries and different business functions. Starting as a Software Developer in the UK, he then went on to work on a major product implementation project for Wealth Management Switzerland in 2010. On his return to the UK, he became an IT Business Relationship Manager, before joining the HR team four years ago.

“My secondment from London to Zurich lasted two years and allowed me to broaden my knowledge not only across IT, but also Wealth Management, as well as better understand the work of my Swiss colleagues.

One of the lessons that secondments teach you is how decisions impact other businesses or geographies. It also allowed me to expand and strengthen my professional relationships. To this day, I am still in regular contact with a number of colleagues from that time!

The secondment allowed me to expand and strengthen my professional relationships"

Throughout my time working in IT, I worked closely with HR. After working on a crucial project with them, the opportunity to head up the Systems Team then arose.

Out of all of my responsibilities, a real passion of mine is reporting and data - making sure it is absolutely correct, and providing insightful analytics that tell a story.

Knowing that the people around you have the same drive and enthusiasm is fantastic"

What I enjoy most about my role is the people I work with. At Rothschild & Co, you can trust that your colleagues are going to work hard and drive things forward. Knowing that the people around you are on the same trajectory with the same drive and enthusiasm is fantastic.

My advice to new joiners at Rothschild & Co is to build your network and meet as many people as you can. You will work hard and be challenged, but always supported by your colleagues."


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