Michel van der Spek

Headshot of Michel van der Spek

Co-Head of Sustainable Capital

Michel joined Rothschild & Co Wealth Management in 2009 from Harcourt, a fund of hedge funds boutique, where he was the Head of Fixed Income and Global Macro research. Before joining Rothschild & Co Michel worked for Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan. He has 21 years’ investment management experience; 14 years at Rothschild & Co. Michel has an MSc in Econometrics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and an MBA from the Bocconi School of Management in Milan.

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  • Scaling climate technology through strategic capital


    Entrepreneurs innovating in climate technology face a major challenge when scaling their business. Larger companies are natural partners for these innovators. We believe there’s a multi-decade opportunity to invest in companies enabling the path to a ‘net zero’ economy.

  • Uncovering behavioural biases when investing


    All of us demonstrate bias, even if it’s often detrimental to our lives. This is especially the case with investing, where it can be too easy to make poor decisions because of bias. This piece looks at the most common types of bias and how to minimise the negative impact.

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