Melanie Aspeay

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Director of the Rothschild Archive

Melanie Aspey is an archivist who joined The Rothschild Archive in 1994, becoming Director in 2004.  She worked previously at News International and for the Business Archives Council, a charity which she subsequently chaired.  She is currently a member of the Board of Management of the European Association for Banking and Financial History, and a Bureau member of the Section on Business Archives of the International Council on Archives.  Since 2019 she has been a Trustee of The Exbury Gardens Trust.

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Perspectives: A Female Legacy

Market Perspective

This International Women's Day we open the door to the Rothschild Archive. In the latest episode Wealth Management Switzerland's Perspectives podcast, Laura Künlen and Melanie Aspey, Director of the Rothschild Archive, shed light on how the women of the Rothschild family shaped the early days of the business and how their legacy translates till today.

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