• First and leading equity adviser, worldwide

    We possess exceptional insight through our unparalleled global footprint, track record, and depth of equity market experience. This is strengthened by worldwide sector intelligence from our network of senior bankers, our relationships with bookrunners and our Investor Advisory teams with an unrivalled and independent perspective on investors. We work closely with our M&A and debt advisers on market transactions, on transactions requiring capital raising, and on dual tracks. As a result we advise on more transactions than any single financing counterparty.

  • Achieving the best result for clients

    Our Transaction Advisory specialists hold a wealth of experience in negotiating the best terms for clients, and in executing the toughest deals to completion. We use our independent position and deep market knowledge to advise our clients on all possible options at the earliest stage, on market performance, timing, business structure and corporate governance matters. We then provide guidance throughout the equity process, creating competitive tension between bookrunning banks to obtain best terms of execution. 

    Our Investor Advisory specialists assist our clients in building and executing a holistic and actionable investor relations plan, helping our client to compete effectively for capital, and increase management's return on time and investment.


  • We assist clients across the full spectrum of equity capital markets

    Transaction Advisory

    • IPOs
    • Share issues
    • Block trades and sell-downs
    • Spin-offs and demergers
    • Convertible bonds
    • Crafting the equity story

    Strategic Capital

    • Advice to corporates and family-owned companies on raising capital from long-term investors, for mostly unlisted minority and majority transactions 


    Investor Advisory

    • Equity Marketing, via Scott Harris
    • Investor Perceptions
    • Corporate Shareholder Advisory