• We pride ourselves in treating people as individuals. Our aim is to help each of our employees to reach their potential. We are committed to providing bespoke training and advancement opportunities to help our people meet their goals and objectives.

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  • Graduate Training

    Over 140 graduates from around the world attend our Global Graduate Training Programme in London prior to joining their respective teams. 

    The six-week programme provides unrivalled training in the financial concepts you will need to be successful in your team, as well as key personal skills, such as communication, personal effectiveness and teamwork. Those who have not studied finance previously will be given all the support necessary to hit the ground running when they join their teams. 

    There is also an exciting two-day offsite that gives you the opportunity to build your global network and form long-lasting relationships with your fellow graduates in a unique environment.

  • Further Development

    As your career progresses, we work in partnership with management to see how best we can develop and advance your career. We aim to put together personalised training for every employee through a blend of training that includes:

    • Targeted in-house training
    • External learning
    • Tailored coaching
    • On-the-job training and experience

    And we move at a pace that is appropriate for the individual.