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  • Las bolsas recuperan las pérdidas de abril

    Monthly Market Summary

    La renta variable mundial subió un 4,1% en mayo (en USD), mientras que la deuda pública mundial subió un 0,5% (en USD, con cobertura).

  • A conversation with the Director of The Rothschild Archive

    Perspectives podcast

    In the latest episode of Perspectives from Rothschild & Co, Laura Künlen and Melanie Aspey, Director of The Rothschild Archive, discuss the origins of the Archive, share captivating anecdotes about the family, and discuss how their values can offer inspiration and guidance for businesses and leaders in today's ever-changing world.

  • The next mood shift

    Market Perspective

    In this edition of Market Perspective we consider whether investors should be worried about rising levels of US government debt. We also examine the outlook for global inflation and how this could impact central banks’ upcoming interest rate decisions.

  • La confianza de los mercados se deteriora en abril

    Monthly Market Summary

    La renta variable mundial ha retrocedido un 3,3% en abril (en USD), al igual que la deuda pública, que ha retrocedido un 1,5% (en USD con cobertura).

  • Insights Issue 13 - Spring Edition

    Market Commentary

    Delve into strategic portfolio construction, market insights, the rationale behind high-yield bonds, retirement planning, thematic investing, and more in Issue 13 of Mosaique Insights.

  • Predominio del optimismo en el mercado bursátil en marzo


    La renta variable mundial mantuvo su tendencia al alza, al subir un 3,1% en marzo (en dólares estadounidenses). Por su parte, la deuda pública se incrementó también en un 0,7% (en USD, con cobertura).

  • The next generation's philanthropic shift

    Investment Views

    The Next Generation represents a dynamic force, especially in the realm of philanthropy, where innovative approaches are essential for driving positive transformations. Find out what is next for philanthropy.

  • Private debt as an alternative to bank financing

    Private markets

    Today, private debt has become a must-have alternative to bank loans for intermediate-size companies, and especially those interested in consolidating their market position and needing to use their cash to fund acquisitions.

  • Digital frontiers: Cybersecurity

    Thematic Insights

    Every day, fresh ransomware assaults make headlines. The average nine-month timeframe to detect security incidents underscores the critical need for swift action to prevent or mitigate damages.

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